The Professional Development Tool

Brought to you by the CPA Pain Science Division


Our Professional Development Framework is informed in part by a competency-based continuing professional development (PD) whereby physiotherapists:

  1. Use practice information to identify learning priorities and to develop and monitor their PD plans
  2. Access information sources for innovations in development and new evidence that may potentially be integrated into practice
  3. Establish a personal knowledge management system to store and retrieve evidence and to select and manage learning projects
  4. Construct questions, search for evidence, and record and track conclusions for practice
  5. Use tools and processes to measure competence and performance.

The Pain Science Division (PSD) endeavors to support physiotherapists in the first two competencies by:

  1. Providing a list of pain-specific competencies based on internationally-endorsed fundamental learning outcomes in the field of pain for pre-licensure physical therapists from the International Association for the Study of Pain. This list will allow for the identification of learning priorities.
  2. Providing direction on how these learning outcomes might be met.

This website is the first version of our PD tool. Our long-term plans are to create an app that will allow for increased interactivity and organization/management of learning projects.

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How does your College require you to demonstrate continuing competence and professional development? Consider using this PD tool to help you meet some of those requirements.